www.chud.com/nextraimages/danielcraigbond.jpgSometimes items come up that may or may not be news; if I have never heard the information, I assume it’s news. So if you already know what I’m about to tell you and feel the need to write an email or make a message board post about how old this news is: fuck right off.

With that morning happiness out of the way, let’s talk James Bond. According to MGM chairman and CEO Harry Sloan, Daniel Craig is signed on to do ‘four more’ James Bond movies, making his grand total five (including Casino Royale). The previous impression seemed to be that Craig was on for a trilogy, but maybe that all changed after the first screening of The Invasion. This means Craig will be Bond when they make the 25th 007 movie (well, the 25th official film, anyway), which might be great fun if done right.

Craig’s five film deal would put him one movie ahead of Pierce Brosnan and one movie behind Sean Connery. George Lazenby wept.