Pardon Yahoo’s terrible, autoplaying video player, but today it brings us a great little look at a Cannes darling: the follow up to Jeff Nichol’s powerful Take Shelter, the low south crime drama Mud.

Between Killer Joe, Magic Mike, and Bernie, 2012 was a stellar year for Matthew McConaughey and he doesn’t look to be letting up in 2013. His performance in Mud has already been well praised, and from what we can see in this first trailer that’s not the least bit shocking. The film also looks like it features a special child actor performance from Tye Sheridan. The supporting cast in general is pretty stellar as Nichol’s brings Michael Shannon and Ray McKinnon back into the fold along with Reese Witherspoon, Sam Shepard, and Joe Don Baker.

The film is set for a limited April 26th release, though more details will likely come after a new wave of attention comes with its Sundance bow.