Let’s not read too much into a single out of context clip, even if it does come paired with the three spectacularly awkward little trailers and that stunning NY Times piece that suggests a multi-artist collective breakdown. That said, this first clip from Paul Schrader and Brett Easton Ellis’ The Canyons does not bode well all by itself either, what with its dragging two minutes of worried looks, tip-toeing and phone tapping before James Deen wakes up and the poorly-recorded yelling begins.

This is just bad news. Here’s the “50s-style” trailer that I’m just noticing today. If you’ve watched the clip I must warn that this trailer is akin to chasing a shot of ┬ábleach with different, flowery-scented bleach.

The film hits whenever some small company decides to take the bullet and get it on VOD.

via Film Stage