I was in Vancouver visiting the set of Watchmen, someone told me that The X-Files movie had opened a production office in that fair city. I came home determined to look into this and to see if I couldn’t find out more info on the plans for this movie. Who would have imagined it would have been as easy as logging onto Coming Soon this morning and seeing that the movie is scheduled to start up December 10?

This time it’ll be series creator Chris Carter behind the lens. There’s no word on what the story is, although David Duchovny – who has been talking this movie up for years now – has said it won’t be a mythology story, but rather a monster of the week type film. What will be interesting will be seeing how Carter picks up the pieces from the series finale, which, among other things, left Mulder and Scully out of the FBI and a number of popular characters dead.

Some people have said that nobody wants a movie of The X-Files, that it’s been too long since the show aired (and even longer since the show had been worth a damn), but I think that absence makes the heart grow fonder in audiences. An X-Files film that is well done and captures the essence of why the show was popular in the first place will bring people back to the days when they liked the show. And the time between the series finale and the eventual release of the movie will help some of the final seasons’ stink waft away.

Now begins the process of repairing this site’s relationship with the kind people at Fox, since I really want to go on the eventual set visit for this movie. Rupert Murdoch, call me!