73603_530860423604334_1809205084_nAs a nice primer for seeing Michael Shannon fill out the kneel-demanding role of Zod in Snyder’s Man Of Steel, we’ll first get to see him play one of the most notorious murderers of all time. Hitting on May 13th, The Iceman will look into the life of Richard Kulinski between 1964 and 1986 when he was attempting balance being a doting family man and the mob’s most prolific hit man.

As the trailer below reminds us, Kulinski took out at least 100 people over two decades, managing to elude detection largely because of how much he varied his techniques. This didn’t make him immune to mob drama, as you might imagine.

Chris Evans joins the fun as a guy who you would probably never want to buy an ice cream from, while James Franco also pops in to be weird for a while and get popped.

It’s not wildly different from the original trailer, but play the new look below and keep an eye on the theater listings near you. I doubt this will be an all-the-way-wide release, but hopefully Millenium Entertainment will give it a good shot out in the world.