1_15_odysseySome of the best films wear their influences on their sleeves. It’s what makes Star Wars one of the most derivative works of all time (Flash Gordon, The Dam Busters, Akira Kurosawa). So the only surprise out of news that Warner Brothers is planning an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey set in space is the realization that it’s taken this long.

Homer’s ancient follow-up to The Iliad is perhapsthe most influential work to come out of Greece save the gyro. It follows a post-Trojan War Odysseus suffering a series of trials on his way back to his wife, herself at the mercy of invaders all competing for her hand in marriage.

So imagine all of that, but in space. That’s the task left to screenwriter James DiLapo, who found his original script Devils at Play on the black list in 2012. This has tentpole written all over it, as talk at WB right now signals franchise intentions. Perhaps to compete with Disney’s Star Wars revival?

Source: Deadline