is reporting with great brio that George Miller’s Justice League of America has lassoed its Wonder Woman. And, as you can see, it’s not Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Blondie-to-your-right’s name is Teresa Palmer. If she looks familiar, that’s because you probably saw her in December Boys or The Grudge 2. I skipped both, so I cant speak to her acting ability or va-va-voom bona fides; she’s definitely cute, but, if you ask me, the more… substantial, 5’8" Winstead seemed the obvious choice to fill out Diana’s red-and-gold bustier. The 5’5" Palmer, not so much.

But, as we heard earlier this week, Miller might be casting tiny.

If Moviehole is correct and Palmer is definitely JLA‘s girl, she also beat out Friday Night Lights‘ top knockout, Minka Kelly, for the role. This is, sadly, not a surprise; what Kelly’s got in looks, she completely gives away in talent (though her perpetual blankness is perfectly suited to her FNL character’s sudden, unquestioning capitulation to megachurch Christianity; still, I give her another couple of weeks before Garrity’s shacking up with Riggins again).

There’s been no confirmation on the Rupert Evans as Superman rumor initiated by Dark Horizons the other day. But the diminutiveness does seem to be catching, doesn’t it?