Please send letters. Writes:

How about a little "Forgotten Monster" love for
The Tingler (one of my personal favorites).

Nick Replies: I don’t consider The Tingler to be forgotten. I think that it’s one of the go-to names to drop when that era of theater-assisted scares was the standard and also a Vincent Price flick that many still remember fondly. I know I do. I was introduced to that film by my father, who was apparently the perfect age to be scared shitless by it. It’s our goal with this list to either dig deep, highlight the 2nd or 3rd most famous creature from a flick, or throw a curve ball (as we will in the last week of the list). Thanks for the note!

Eric Writes:

Ok –
I’m dying to know…. just saw "Don’t Look Now" (1973), is

Adelina Poerio

current Chud Man? Replies: It’s actually the sadly deceased tactor [tiny actor] Weng Weng, star of For Your Height Only, which is better than its Bond counterpart. At least if you’re a Filipino. All hail Weng Weng!

Isaac Writes:

I just wanted to let
you know I’m a huge fan of the site. I read it everyday and I love what you
guys do.

The podcasts, the Pant’s Bulge (I think "the Christian Brando manslaughter
playset" is the current line to beat), the articles and reviews that are
both intelligent and funny, even the asterisks.

It’s all gold.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep reading until one of us dies.

I’m looking forward to this latest list, and I’ve got to say, I’m surprised you
trusted someone else do the write up for Misquamacus.

Nick Replies: It was my pleasure to have Devin do the write-up for ol’ Miscquamacus. Otherwise, the term "Skindian" wouldn’t be around. Thanks for digging the stuff, especially the wacky shit I’m a part of [do you like the Mary Worth War?]. You’re obviously a sick fuck.

Andrew Writes:

Good one [podcast], I miss Steve, but the three of you had

even though it was cut to shit.

Best thing in a while: You being your filthy self
regarding the women and Justin giving the innocent and cuddly contrasting

I’m snorting at work over it.

Nick Replies: Steve will be on the next podcast. He’ll just have to spend a… GULP… weekend day away from his lady friend. I like the more edited versions of the podcast, like this one. We are not brilliant and a lot of the times we ramble on and on and on without it being funny or informative. That’s a bad thing. Well, no one really expects to get much information out of the podcast anyhow. Thanks for listening. Spread the word!

Mike Writes:

Hey NIck, Hope all is
well. The site’s still kicking ass.

Thanks for the Stiff pants colum
those last exit shirts are amazing, it’s great when you find something
unique, awesome and is great quality. Hopefully we give them enough money for
shirts so they can move to the US and I dont load up my cart and hit checkout
and look at the $300 I was going to spend on 4 shirts.

I’m not sure if you have been
reading Palahniuk still, I gave up after Lullabye had a wierd non-ending and I
couldnt get past the 100 pages of Haunted (although the idea was great), I did
buy the audio version of Rant, his newest, and it is very cool and different.
You should check it out since you’re a big audiobook fan. All of the charactors
are read by different actors and there is alot of them.

I am really looking forward to the
Golden Compass, I really hope the movie does well b/c I really want to see the
other 2 books in the series filmed.

Thanks again

have a good one.

Nick Replies: I’ve given up on Palahniuk. Seems his stuff is more about concept than execution and I’m over buying books just to be "shocked". You heard it here first, fuck The House of Leaves. I’m looking forward to The Golden Compass as well, something that should silence anyone who think I’m bitter about them not doing MEG. I think they’ll probably do all three as 1.) They’re good books and 2.) The movie was only made because folks are hungry for a franchise. While that’s part of the problem with fantasy films right now, I consider these books a cut above and I’m reserving judgment on whether the religious stuff being cut back in the film will scuttle it.

Phillip Writes:

you received those t-shirts yet that you ordered from Last Exit To Nowhere?
I’ve been eyeing a few of them but goddamn…$40 bucks after the exchange rate is
pretty steep. At least reassure me that they’re not some cheap piece of crap
that’s going to disintegrate after one wash…

Nick Replies: I like the shirts a lot. I’ve gotten some great comments about the Overlook Hotel one. They’re good quality, albeit a little long for my tastes. I have a shorter torso than what the clothing general seems to deem NORMAL for an Adult Large, so I either have to tuck them in, look like a gangsta, or alter them. I recommend them highly, though the price isn’t small.

Jackson Writes:

I usually trust you guys but you were way off the mark with Michael Clayton. That was an exceptional film.

Nick Replies: I couldn’t agree more. I loved Michael Clayton, because even when there were lapses in logic or when it took a short cut, the tone and performances were so strong that they carried the load. I cannot wait to see it again. Just one of those times the staff is divided, though this time it’s three against one and not in my favor.

Catherine Writes:

you watch Sofia around lunch time? I’ll work out at the gym instead of
pilates. I want to take Bert out to lunch to celebrate becoming an Army
Airplane Pilot. And I’ll be home for whenever you want to do music.

Nick Replies: OK, I cheated and included a note from my wife. That means I need more mail from YOU PEOPLE!