Park is lumbering closer to theaters, its fur matted with blood and the gristle of human flesh decaying in the cracks of its claws. Yum!

American World Pictures has acquired the film debut of director Tom Skull and is getting its distribution plans together and the first couple of tangible results of their relationship with the film have appeared in the form of a new trailer and the brand new poster for the film.

Brody the Bear looks positively DEMONIC, doesn’t he?

To see the new trailer, check it out HERE.

For those who don’t know, I was a co-producer on this little old-fashioned horror flick and the month and change on set was an experience I’ll not soon forget. An amazing experience.

Looks like I might be getting ready for another amazing filmmaking jaunt, but more on that when it’s official.

Check out the stuff they’re doing over at AWP’s site. It’s fascinating to see the evolution of the project from the stuff on the original site to the MySpace site to this current incarnation.

Soon enough you’ll get to see the movie for yourself and I think you’ll dig it.