love Into the Wild. It’s a film that moved me to tears, and that is still living in my thoughts, long after I saw it. It’s a film that I know I will revisit again and again over the years, one that will leave me with something new every time I see it. The only way for Into the Wild to not make my year end top ten is for nine Godfather Part II level movies to be released between now and December 31. It’s just that good.

And it’s expanding to more screens, and it’s doing okay, but I think this movie should be a big hit. A zeitgeist film, one that influences a whole generation of filmgoers. This is a film that should be a cultural event, a defining aspect of the year 2007.

Having said all that, it’s a privilege to bring you this exclusive clip from the film. The scene is taken from the end of what is essentially the prologue to Chris McCandless’ epic journey – this clip ends moments before the ‘Chapter 1′ title card comes up – and it picks up right after Chris has graduated from Emory College in Atlanta. His parents and sister are going back home while he returns to his apartment to leave his old self behind and begin anew on the road.

You can read my full rave for Into the Wild right here. While you’re reading it you should listen to Eddie Vedder’s amazing Into the Wild soundtrack, which you can buy through by simply clicking here.

Click on the link below to open the Quicktime movie in a new window or right click and save it to your desktop to watch at your leisure. And this weekend go see Into the Wild.

Exclusive Into the Wild Clip!