MSRP: $17.98 RATED: PG 13
RUNNING TIME: 91 Minutes
• Theatrical trailer(s)
• Featurette
• Music Videos: "Born To Raise Hell" by Motorhead, Ice-T and Whitfield Crane and "Feed The Gods" by White Zombie
• TV Spots

know, Saturday Night Live-related films do not
HAVE to suck. They just do for a variety of
reasons. Many of them are on display here. You
have a cast full of great talent like Brendan
Fraser, Chris Farley, and Steve Buscemi. But
they’re shining in a sea of shit. Let’s take
a closer look.

Who knew Amy Locane would go from this to co-starring
with David Faustino in Z-grade films? I did.


is about a struggling rock band comprised of
Chaz (Brendan Fraser), Rex (Steve Buscemi),
and Pip (Adam Sandler), struggling for their
shot at the big time. Chaz also happens to be
blessed/cursed with a supportive girlfriend
(Amy Locane) who’s rapidly growing tired of
his shit. Just after the beginning of the film,
she gives him the heave-ho, and Chaz realizes
he has to get his life together to get her back.
In a very quick period of time, a simple attempt
to get their demo played on the local heavy
rock station (When this film was in production,
alt-rock hadn’t yet completely taken over the
radio) turns into an agitated hostage situation
with the band as the hostage takers. Throw in
some incompetent cops, a slimy record exec (Judd
Nelson), and a wacky cast of radio station employees
and hilarity ensues.

Hey, there’s my agent! Get ready to die, fuckface.

actually it doesn’t. Even though this movie
is exceptionally well-cast and stocked with
natural comedians and actors with good timing,
they’re sabotaged by a by-the-numbers script
and the director focusing a lot on the two LEAST
funny members of the cast. They happen to be
Michael Richards, playing a nervous derivative
of his Kramer character, and Adam Sandler, who
plays another one of his boring, "sweet
and funny-talking dope" caricatures. Every
time the movie picks up steam, they switch over
to the Michael Richards’ character trying to
escape from the radio station or Adam Sandler’s
budding "romance" with equally ditzy
Suzzi (Nina Siemaszko). And you’re just counting
the moments until you can get back to Chris
Farley’s silly cop, the funny banter between
Fraser and Joe Mantegna’s harried DJ character
or Steve Buscemi berating Sandler.

Auditions for Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepin’
are well underway.

to demon feces like The Adventures of
Joe Dirt
and The Ladies Man,
this movie isn’t really that bad. It’s just
frustrating. If it was re-cut to virtually exclude
Sandler and Richards, and they got an R-rating
with some Nina Siemaszko nudity (she’s done
it plenty of times before, damnit.) and some
raunchier humor, this film could’ve been released
this year and made 10 times the paltry $5 million
it made upon its initial theatrical release.

So THAT’s how you get New Line to keep making
movies with you?

wishful thinking, tho. What’s actually on the
DVD just feels very sanitized, routine, and
not really worth your time. Besides, they show
this film on Comedy Central all the time, and
the network version isn’t that different from
what you get here. Better to save your money
for a VHS copy of Wild Orchid 2
or any other of Zalman King’s softcore wankfests.

Damnit, man! Don’t you realize we’re in a Saturday
Night Live-related film!?! Answer me!!!

out of 10

So, uh….Nina….you got any more on-set
anecdotes about making Wild Orchid 2:
Two Shades of Blue


picture for an average flick. Technically, it’s
anamorphic, but this ain’t a demo disc for your
home theater by a long shot.

out of 10


Chris Farley can’t even save this one. Damn
if he doesn’t try.

Dolby 2.0 track. The dialogue is clear, and
you’ll appreciate it when a rare zinger pops
out of the mouths of Fraser or Mantegna as much
as you’ll hate it when a lot of the rest of
the cast is talking. The music scenes are presented
decently as well.

out of 10


fluff featurette and videos for a CRAP White
Zombie song and a "collaboration"
between Ice-T, Lemmy, and Whitfield Crane of
the joke-rock band Ugly Kid Joe. It’s pretty
much a kinda cool Motorhead song with the other
two getting in the way.

you get TV spots to fool you into thinking this
film was worth the effort.

out of 10


plain keepcase with pictures of the leads against
a white background. YAWN.

out of 10

Overall: 5.0 out of 10