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The Pitch

It’s Grey’s Anatomy meets Naked Gun by way of a bad meth trip.

The Humans

Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neill Flynn, Judy Reyes, Ken Jenkins, John C. McGinley.

The Nutshell

Drs. JD Dorian (Braff), Elliot Reid (Chalke), Christopher Turk (Faison), Perry Cox (McGinley) and the rest of the looney tunes workers of a hospital apparently set in a Twilight Zone-on crack universe do their best to try to save lives. That is, they do their best to save lives when they’re not concerned with who’s sleeping with whom, whose insane relative rolls into town, what nutbag, highly whacky and improbable situation arises or when a reality itself seems to all of a sudden take a side turn Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-style.

The Lowdown

Check out my Season 5 review here where I attempted my best to describe the goings-on of this utter lunacy of a show where the jokes fly a mile a second and reason and logic are checked at the last commercial before the episode starts. I came up with damn near every euphemism and metaphor I could think of to describe the insanity portrayed by Scrubs in every episode and I still probably only barely scratched the surface. So let me reiterate my first impression of this show: this is the most whacked thing on the tube. Period. And it’s ridiculously funny. This is a show where Britney Spears’ VMA performance, as seen through a mescaline haze would come across as an everyday occurrence. This show is not in reality as we know it, and that’s why it works so well.

Season 6 seemed to up the ante on a lot of the characters’ lives and relationships. For instance, JD discovers that he’s going to be a father via his relationship with Dr. Kim Briggs (the de-lectable Elizabeth Banks); Carla and Turk are preparing for her imminent delivery of their child; and Elliot transitions over to a private practice and begins to enjoy the financial benefits that it entails, which leads to issues with JD. Dr. Cox and Jordan are also preparing for the birth of their second child, and all of this baby fever eventually makes Elliot feel left out at times. Although she has her own issues with her boyfriend Keith and how far he wants to take their relationship. Plus, there’s a tragic death of one of the Sacred Heart staff that affects everyone in the hospital.

In the season premiere, "My Mirror Image", JD deals with the news of his impending fatherhood, Carla and Turk are at DefCon 1 with their kid’s pending arrival, and Cox is worried about how his anger issues affect his relationship with his son. In "My Coffee", JD and Kim seek to get to know each other better, Carla has postpartum issues about wanting to return to work, and Elliot tries to convince a surgeon with much more experience that his own self diagnosis may not be right for his own medical condition. "My Musical" finds a patient who wakes up in the hospital and sees all of te goings-on as a musical." "My Night to Remember" has a memory loss patient as the catalyst for looks back at previous episodes. And in the season finale, "My Point of No Return", JD and Elliot start to have seconds thoughts about whether or not they made the right decision to not be together even as Elliot is preparing for marriage.

Season 6 has shown no real drop off in the quality of the shows and there are still plenty of "gadget episodes" where the stories are told from unique POVs such as "My Musical", "His Story IV" (Kelso’s POV) and "My Night to Remember." Relationships change in Season 6 and some improve, while others go more astray. Scrubs has been advertised as half as long as ER and twice as funny. I’d say that’s pretty apt as the laughs still come in bucketloads in Season 6 and the heavier stuff also weighs in to keep the balance to this whacky TV show.

The Package

11 Audio Commentaries (My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby & My Baby’s
Baby, My Coffee, My Perspective, My Fishbowl, My Scrubs, My No Good
Reason, Their Story, My Cold Shower, My Conventional Wisdom & My
Point Of No Return), The Making of "My Musical", Judy Keeps Talking,
The Debra & Stephanie Show, The "Third Tier", 12 Deleted Scenes,
Alternate Lines, Outtakes & an Easter Egg