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MSRP $29.99
STUDIO Phase 4 Films
• Cast Interviews
• Official and Alternate Trailer

The Pitch

A direct to dvd stoner comedy that tries to be a cult classic, but is too light on the laughs.

The Humans

Wesley Johnson, Faizon Love, Luenell, Jorge Diaz, and Emilio Rivera

The Nutshell

Budz House is a direct to DVD stoner comedy about aspiring comic writer Bud. He spends most of his time hanging with his three best friends smoking weed. However, when he accidentally creates a potent new strain of weed, he must sell it and avoid the wrath of the local drug dealers.

The Lowdown

As a direct to video stoner comedy, Budz House does not aspire too highly. All it is trying to do is provide some easy laughs for the stoner crowd and hope that it will eventually make it as a cult classic. While it does provide some laughs and one legitimately funny sequence at the very end, I cannot see it succeeding.

The best part of Budz House is easily Bud, played by Wesley Jonathan. He is charming and never becomes annoying, like almost everyone else in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, Bud is trying to get a comic book he has written published. However, this is quickly forgotten about and the rest of the movie is mostly concerned with Bud hanging out and smoking weed with his friends. It is not until almost fifty minutes into the seventy minute movie does the main plot come into play. Bud’s weed stash has been fertilized by shit, literally human shit, and has become a super strain of weed. Once Bud starts selling it, he starts to draw unwanted attention from the local gangsters. Much of the little plot this movie has is moved by Bud breaking the fourth wall with speeches that are often quite funny.

Bud and his friends are the only reason to watch this movie. I could have done without Pretty Tony though.

However, the reason I never see this movie becoming very popular is because practically every character but Bud is horrible. The two most popular actors in the movie are Faizon Love and Luenell. I thought Love would be funny, as he has been funny in other movies I have enjoyed. However, he never elicits so much as a chuckle in Budz House. His character is named “Big Shitty” and all he does throughout the movie is carry around a boombox and joint and tries to take disgusting shits in people’s bathrooms. There is no other joke than that and while some may find it funny the first time, by the fifth and sixth time someone yells at “Big Shitty” for smelling up a room, no one will be laughing. On the other hand is Luenell, who I have only ever found funny in Borat and does nothing to change that here. She plays Bud’s mom who is fed up with him sitting around smoking weed. They give her some scenes where she tries to set her sister up with a new husband, but neither these scenes nor her interactions with Bud are ever funny. On top of these is a subplot where Bud’s sister is secretly shaking her ass online under the name “Mystery Hoe.” Nothing remotely funny comes from this and was just an excuse to show off the attractive actress that plays Bud’s sister.

Faizon Love as Big Shitty. If you found that name funny, this movie might be for you. If not pick another movie.

Luckily since the movie is so short, clocking in at only 76 minutes, most of the unfunny characters are off-screen as quickly as they appeared. This also gives the film a very disconnected feel as Bud has many seemingly random encounters throughout. However, this leads to an ending which is pretty hilarious. It reminds me of the ending of many It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes where the members of the gang have their own separate adventures and then at the end of the episode all of the schemes come together to blow up in the gang’s face. The ending to Budz House is mighty similar as many of the characters Bud has already met show up one more time, each in a funnier way than the last. This is by far the best part of the movie and also showcases the talents of Jonathan, whose reaction to each new appearance is a major reason why it does not get old.

Overall Budz House is not a very good movie. It seems pretty sloppily produced and many of the characters are quite annoying. However, the core group of friends, especially Bud, are pretty charming and are a group of friends I’m sure many people could see themselves smoking up with. This makes up for a movie that is pretty light on laughs for most of its running time. As a rental, Budz House is not a bad choice, but that is about it.

Many people will need to be tied up like this in order to watch all of Budz House

The Package

The special features are almost nonexistent. There are interviews that are a couple of minutes long and are quite boring. The movie also comes with the trailer and an alternate version of it.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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