1_11_jp4The Bearded One’s been shedding projects like Brundleflesh in The Fly this week. So it’s somewhat fitting that the end of the week reveals where the Lincoln director will be devoting at least some attention – settling into a producer’s role on the just-announced Jurassic Park IV. 

Universal confirmed that a fourth entry is trudging ahead for a June 13, 2014 release date. They plan to shoot and release in 3D, though nothing’s announced in terms of director, script, actors ect.

Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park III seemed to hit a wall creatively, not accomplishing much outside of neutering the T-Rex and injecting a little pterodactyl madness. But this franchise is loaded with interesting possibilities, the most bonzo-gonzo of which we heard about last year (pictured).

I’d like to see the studio go for broke and give us a fully-realized Park, one alive with tourists and vacationers before the dinos break loose and commence feeding time – a thriving Disney World until the attractions run amok. If we can’t have human-dino hybrids fighting the war on drugs, give us JAWS 3 with dinosaurs. Or not Jurassic Park IV, but I’m in no position to make demands.

Source: The Wrap