is the first I heard of it, but apparently there’s 14 pages of the Justice League of America script floating around out there. Problem is, they’re fake. At least that’s what Patrick Sauriol, the guy who helped invent this ridiculous job I have, hears from his sources deep inside Annie Sprinkle. Or at least deep inside the group that knows what’s going on with the film; the spy gave Pat the rundown of what happens in the first 14 pages of the real script, which includes a mysterious funeral attended by Superman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and Wonder Woman (Batman’s not there because it’s too public). Who could be the corpse? The script flashes back and begins to tell the story; check the * for my theory.

There’s plenty more info that Sauriol has and he shares a lot of it with us – click here to read what he’s saying. He won’t spoil the big twistarooni in the film, but I should be seeing him this weekend in Vancouver, so maybe I can use some School of the Americas techniques to get him to talk. What he does say sounds quite promising, though, especially the fact that the script doesn’t give us the origins of these characters or the Justice League. In fact, the script makes it seem like the League has been around for some time when the story opens. And he compares the script to the first X-Men movie, except he makes it sound action packed.

* I think the dead guy is The Flash. Barry Allen, that is, who is The Flash at the beginning of the adventure. I bet that’s Wally West in the suit at the end.