From my written journal, entry on 09/04/08:

MANIPEDE! My first feature since quitting iO Film. It’s a small gig but it’s a great script. Matt, the director, seems very eager and open to ideas, and so must I. My biggest problem has always been a lack of respect for the material, and now that I’ve been given a chance to be a part of something good, swallowing my pride has become a part of my job.

I will trust my instincts.
I will trust and respect my director.
I will trust and respect my crew.
I will be professional.
I will be humble.
I will not argue.
I will think before I speak.
I will pre-plan.

I’m not looking at this as any kind of break, but a reprieve of sorts. After the disaster that was Manje, I didn’t see myself ever shooting again.

Meeting with Matt in half an hour. Hope all goes well…