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All the Netflix Original Series ink has been thrown at David Fincher’s House Of Cards and the return of Arrested Devleopment so far, but those are only two among a half-dozen shows the streaming service is bringing into homes this year. Another potential Instant Watch hit is Hemlock Grove- a horror series with Eli Roth’s name affixed, which has just pumped out its first trailer.

Surely riffing on your True Bloods and network fantasy shows and whathaveyou, the trailer does promise some unique little mysteries. This whole little town seems twisted into its own horror universe where all manner of crazy things are happening, all while a Russell Brand and Michael Pitt pair of dudes center it with their own little Twilight romance thing. Also, Famke Jannsen vamps about.

I’m certainly in for the Roth-directed first episode. And hey, if I like it, the entire series will be right there to devour all at once.

This drops in April.

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