morons who watched all three seasons of Hope and Faith: you’re suddenly, if briefly, useful. Megan Fox, the tattooed temptress of Michael Bay’s Transformers, has just been cast as the lead in Diablo Cody’s follow-up to Juno, Jennifer’s Body, and, given the limited range of emotions – i.e. "fear" and "fuck me" – displayed by the actress in the summer 2007 blockbuster, only those who watched her spar with the shrill sitcom duo of Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa over the last three years are qualified to weigh in on her acting chops.

I’m 100-percent serious about this, too, because, thus far, I’ve seen nothing out of Fox to indicate that she is anything more than a finely carved slab of sex – onscreen, that is (to be honest, she seemed fairly with it at the Transformers junket last June). Of course, maybe that’s exactly what the part calls for. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox will be playing "a cheerleader with a perfect life who becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town." And the only person who can put a stop to her killing spree is her (ugly-cute?) best friend.

The very smart Peter Rice at Fox Atomic is responsible for setting up Jennifer’s Body, and that’s a huge plus; there aren’t many studio execs I truly respect, but, then again, there aren’t many studio execs who’d greenlight I Heart Huckabees. Cody is just on as a writer at this point, though you’ve got to figure that anyone with her chutzpah overload is bound to take a crack at directing one of these days. As for the best friend role, they might as well just go ahead and cast the new Julia Stiles, Alison Pill.