MCPIf you’re any kind of TV fan, you know that Battlestar Galactica is the best thing around. No one expected a Sci-Fi channel show (of all things) to contain the best social commentary of our times, or the most exciting action sequences. No one expected a compelling story that completely destroyed the original, or for the show to last as long as it has. If you’re a gamer, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to shoot down some motherfracking Cylons. Forget about that crappy Xbox and PS2 game, we want one from the new series! And we’ll soon get your chance, as Battlestar Galactica hits Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

The game will actually allow you to choose your path, as you can play as either the humans or the Cylons. You can try your hand at piloting most of the ships from the show, from the Viper Mark II to the Combat Raptor. Coolest of all, it’ll include battles from the TV series, such as the ones from the episodes "33" and "Exodus". Geeks, help me out here, cause I don’t know which ones they’re talking about. Online multiplayer will of course be included, an 8-player deathmatch mode. No word on if the awesome zooms of the show will be carried over.

Developer Auran Games (Fury, Trainz) honestly hasn’t made too many decent games before, though. Thank God they allow us to try these games before we buy them, is all I’m saying. The game will also be hitting the PC, for any of you who use this thing for more than finding internet porn.

Oh yeah, and Taito has their PSP game Exit hitting the Arcade the same day. It seems to be the same game, which was an interesting if not very captivating puzzle game. It’s definitely no Crush.

Both games hit Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday for the price of 800 Microsoft points, which equals 10 old dollars. Check below for some gameplay footage from Battlestar.