email came over the transom today:

The itv show, This Morning, had a couple of days back. My wife tells me that Gena Rowlands was on, and mentioned that her son was ORIGINALLY going to direct an IRON-MAN movie… he’s now instead thinking of doing CAPTAIN AMERICA. Not quite sure who her son is… or whether she’s accurate… but thought I’d send it your way anyway.

I am quite sure of who her son is: Nick Cassavetes, borne of her union with genius filmmaker John Cassavetes. Nick was originally attached to Iron Man for a long, long time before Jon Favreau took that over, and apparently he and the folks at Marvel got along pretty well. That means it isn’t wildly surprising to hear that he’s involved or in talks for Captain America.

Cassavetes has a couple of projects that could go places soon, including Bombing Harvey, a true story about a millionaire gambler who plants a bomb and extorts a Lake Tahoe casino to cover his losses, and God is a Bullet, a pulpy sounding story about a cop against an evil cult, but their vague status also makes it quite plausible that he’s going to take up Captain America’s mighty shield in the next couple of months.

Cap’s one of the last major Marvel characters to make it to the screen, and if his film moves into serious development, we have all of the original Avenger line-up either on screen or on their way…