Yesterday I ran a hole slew of pictures that should have given anyone, no matter how out of the loop, a good idea of what this movie is all about. If that didn’t do it, the trailer certainly still does. Harmony Korine’s crazy, Selena Gomez/Vanessa Hudgens/James Franco vehicle about crime and bikinis is surely one of the must watch films of 2013. Had I remembered that it was due for a distributor and release date for this year, I would have absolutely included it in my top most-anticipated list (I’m kicking myself now as I realize I didn’t).

In any event, the brand new weirdo poster above also brings with it a release date: March 22nd. That will be the initial NY and LA debut, with a wider release following the subsequent week. The scale of the release is unclear, but it is A24 Pictures that will be doing the job.

I’m so ready for this movie it hurts.

Source | Vulture