PHEBDcp9k1PbHH_2_mThe retitled All Superheroes Must Die (formerly VS) has been kicking around for a while, slowly making its way to a small theatrical and wide VOD release. The film is largely from the same camp as the recent cult hit The FP, which explored a Mad Maxian universe with a sort of DDR-based economy. Featuring a similarly closed-in, distinctive little world, All Superheroes Must Die resembles Super blended with Saw, about a grittily low-budget take on a league of superheroes that find themselves trapped in the game of a villain (James Remar!) who’s had enough of losing. Said villain’s name is Rickshaw, so influences are worn on the sleeve in this case….

If you enjoyed the Riddler mini-games in the Batman: Arkham franchise, that’s probably the best reference point. Not only did I enjoy VS around its debut at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, but I found some interesting ideas and ambition kicking around a film made with such modest means. You can read about all of that in my 2011 review. It’s well worth a rental, and if you happen to be in one of the cities below, well worth a trip to the theater. A new trailer gives you an idea of what you’re in for (even if it’s obfuscating the real somber, desperate tone of the film with rock guitars).

Here’s the list of theaters.

CHICAGO – AMC Streets of Woodfield 20
SAN DIEGO – AMC La Jolla 12
DENVER – AMC Highlands 24
DETROIT – AMC Great Lakes 25
ORLANDO – AMC Universal 20
MIAMI – AMC Sunset 24
TAMPA – AMC Veterans 24
HOUSTON – AMC Gulf Point 30
CHARLOTTE – AMC Concord 24