gray paint samplesApparently 50 Shades Of Grey isn’t going to be just a sanitized name-brand cash-in, as the writer has apparently confirmed they’re shooting for an NC-17 rating, promising that they will, “be getting all up in dat.” So it will be a name-brand cash-in with dicks and stuff in it!

Okay, fine. What she actually said was:

“This isn’t going to be Twilight. It’s going to be raunchy… We are 100% going there.”

I’m not sure where this will make the film fit in the history of major studio features and ratings, but surely it has to be among a very select few films made with the intention of nabbing an X. Or will Universal ultimately waffle, pull a Von Trier, and offer two different versions?

Profoundly stupid as the books may be and misguided as its fans most certainly are*, this does present a genuinely intriguing scenario. A major studio has shelled out $5m for the rights to what will obviously be a massive hit film. It’s a true cultural phenomenon that, though not quite on the scale of Hunger Games/Twilight/Potter, is scarily close. Will this finally break the MPAA’s power, as major theater chains and other movie houses break with tradition so they don’t miss out on the major cash? Or, again, will Universal go with a multi-version release so as not to upset the apple cart?

Beyond that- who gets cast? Who directs? How far will the film actually go? There are so many opportunities for this to gather buzz and stoke the fever around this property it borders on money printing. Hell, I won’t pretend I’m not at least a little interested in what the unapologetic Kelly Marcel –who was a script editor on Bronson and wrote the Tom Hanks Walt Disney biopic— will do with this vapid stack of prose

Source | Yahoo! Movies


*Holy shit people, cheap and inane fan-written smut has been available on the internet for over a decade. There is nothing dangerous or cutting edge about this bubblegum literotica!