colossus03_fWhile Ubisoft is working hard to make video games a financially viable source of blockbuster hits, there’s still some hope that the best of the video game and film worlds will eventually collide and result in something actually good. There is some hope that Shadow Of The Colossus, one of the games most frequently cited by artistic evangelists of the medium, would be the right property to make that happen. The emotional brainchild of Ico-creator Fumito Ueda, the game is a thematically interesting and structurally unique game that Hanna-writer Seth Lochhead has just been set to translate to the big screen.

This is the latest development in the gestation of the film since Chronicle director Josh Trank signed on last year. Like the eponymous creatures themselves, this is sure to be a slow-moving project as Trank has his Fantastic Four film set up with a release date. Still, I’m happy to see movement on this project- it could end up being a beautiful, groundbreaking experience if they pull it off. Lochhead added some interesting spice to a standard action story with Hanna- there may be some real wisdom in this choice.


Source | THR