it. Once or twice in your life, you’ve asked yourself, "If it came down to it, if I had no other choice, if the fate of the world hung in the balance… how much Dern could I take?"

Well, my friend, you’re about to find out.

Bruce Dern, Laura Dern and Diane Ladd (who’s had both Derns inside of her at one point or another – and, it’s safe to assume, at the same time) are Dernin’ it up for Hart’s Location, a drama about "a daughter attempting to regain custody of her son and seeking out her father – who left her when she was 3 years old." Dern will direct in star in the film as the absentee father, while his daughter Laura and ex-wife Diane will play, um, his daughter and ex-wife, I guess.

According to Dern pere, "It made sense for all of us to be in this project because a lot of the story turns on the things that you wish that you’d said to your family members. Also, we’ve lulled audiences into a false sense of security. They figured there’s no way they’re going to get all that Dern comin’ at ‘em all at once. They thought wrong."

Diluting the Dern is Ashley Reed, who wrote Hart’s Location. She’ll also produce with Big Bruce and Wendy Guerrero. Hopefully, the success of this Dernathon will motivate Universal to produce Special Edition DVDs of Silent Running and The ‘Burbs.