since Leonard Nimoy was confirmed to appear in Star Trek XI as Old Spock, people have been wondering, ‘What about The Shat?’ Some rumors have had Shatner mad that he hasn’t been asked back, while others say that the filmmakers are trying  to figure out a way to squeeze him into the film, and no that’s not a Shat Is Fat joke.

A completely unsourced story appearing on internet news aggregator WENN is saying that The Shat is in fact onboard Trek XI for a cameo. What could it be? Since Old Spock is living in the Next Generation time, after Kirk was killed by a bridge, he couldn’t be in the opening. Maybe Old Spock does some stops along the way as he time travels back to the early days of the original series and he says hi to Kirk. Or something. Or maybe it’s some bullshit that got run as a fact. Again, I can’t find any other source for this, and WENN just says that Shatner’s in the movie, not even that Paramount has announced it or that sources say or the rumor is.

Take all of this with a pinch of Alterian Table Salt.