Qualcomm is a telecommunications company. Why did they allow Guillermo del Toro to premiere his new Pacific Rim trailer during their CES presentation tonight? Just a hunch, but it probably has something to do with that giant Qualcomm logo brandished prominently on a building in this trailer.

No matter. This sneak peak gives us our best look at the film yet, as robots and kaiju face off while the world hangs in balance. The production design evidenced in this trailer, from the detail of the remote-access cockpits to the WWII-style nose art brandished across the shoulder blade of one of the bots, is enough to make me think Guillermo’s sneaking his own unique brand of war film into his giant kaiju battle flick. We could conceivably be looking at Gamera by way of Pork Chop Hill.

Am I too old to play with toys? Probably, but this movie is going to have some sweet toys: