hope the DVD for Jan deBont’s Stopping Power is honest. I want to see
a documentary about the film’s bizarrely troubled attempts to get off
the ground; the movie was all set to go months ago and then financing
fell through, then more money came in and they began shooting, and then
that money fell through and the movie was canceled again. Now Melissa
George, who stars opposite John Cusack, tells Coming Soon that the
movie is back on AGAIN.

"It’s back on! First of March. Three days into filming, we were in
Berlin, they cancelled the film. It worked out so good, because I’m
busy doing other things, and I could come back to shoot HBO and I’m
going away next Christmas, and then the strike happens next year, so
I’m going to go away in March and do this. Look, anything can change,
but it’s on. It has to be on."

DeBont certainly thinks it has to be on – he hasn’t directed a film
since 2003. He has spent the last couple of years working with a
certain Eye-talian from Atlanta on a giant shark movie, which recently
went into turnaround. I’m sure he’d like to get some work again, and
he’s not the kind of auteur who can sit out most of a decade working on
his next personal project.

Coming Soon says they’ll be talking to Cusack this weekend, likely for Grace is Gone, and they’ll be asking him what he’s heard.