Ever done a puppet?

Whether or not you truthfully answer that [I never have, though a marionette blew me] is irrelevant. Lars and the Real Girl is a sharp new oddly romantic comedy about a young gentleman [budding Actor of His Generation Ryan Gosling] whose relationship with a Sex Doll spills into his everyday life, which means, if you read THIS site… OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

As it platforms out it’s screening in some cities which have yet to experience the sensation of plastic and flesh, so if you live in one of the cities below and want a crack at a pass, answer the questions below and include your mailing address. Good luck!

1. If a friend of yours showed up to a double date with a RealDoll or the like, how would you react?

2. How did they react when you did it?

3. If they HAD to model a fake man/lady based on a celebrity for you to purchase [no one has to know], who would it be? Consider this: Shipping is less for a Peter Dinklage than it is for a Patrick Warburton.