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The Pitch

"It’s Aids Meets West!"

The Humans

Everyone’s favorite Gerber Baby, an audience of Jackals.

The Lowdown

This is Norton’s latest show, an hour-long HBO special of a sold-out
show at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC.

The Lowdown

You’re either a fan of Jim Norton or you’re not. A lot of
people find him tasteless, an unfunny comedian who capitalizes on
gross-out humor, but I’d disagree. His self depreciating style hits all
the right spots, with just the perfect amount of social commentary
mixed in to elevate him from all the other shock comics.

But, I’m
biased. I’ve been a fan of the guy since his early days on Opie and
Anthony, and have seen him at tiny comedy clubs in NYC a billion times.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him bomb at the Comedy
Cellar, either. A lot of people don’t exactly like his humor. He makes
racist, irreverent, blatantly sexual jokes, but ones that most everyone can
relate to.

A lot of
people don’t like humor that extreme… I’ve seen quite a few people
walk out on him. He always plays more to the people that get his style,
and lots of times that was just me and my friends. This always led to
even more enjoyment for us, like the time a group of women left in a
huff at something he had said, and he yelled at them that he hoped they
died in a house fire.

This is what Jim looked like after learning that his show was canceled, while Entourage is allowed to continue to spiral into the shittiest thing on tv.

forward to now, and Norton’s a huge name in comedy, mostly based on his
role in the O&A show. He’s the third man of that show,
the funniest one, always good for a rant. Ranting’s what he does best,
(Seriously.) because he gets pissed off at a lot of the same things in
society that piss most people off. For that, he would be accessible to
everyone, if he didn’t always go off into his depraved sexual history
and love of prostitutes.

So it’s
funny and a little weird to see him in front of a massive crowd here. He still
seems a little amazed by it himself, and starts off with some simpler,
easy hit jokes that’ll make you scared that lil’ Jimmy has lost his edge.
Had his new-found girlfriend that he can’t stop talking about tamed him
down? Had all the success (and best-selling book) gone to his head? Any such fears will soon be
thrown away, as after a faulty beginning he gets into his groove,
talking about how stupid burn victims look, his dream of raping Anne
Coulter and sharing such great stories as the time he double-teamed a
girl with Ron Jeremy. And of course, he retells the title piece, a
little bit of his childhood history involving him, a childhood friend,
some scary monster rain and the underside of a porch.

This is
top notch Norton. I’m glad to see the silly goose go places, even if it
isn’t to a second season of Lucky Louie (a show that was killed just as
it was hitting its stride). This is one of the funniest guys in the
business, and it’s great to see him doing well.

Jim stunned all the other hecklers into silence after taking one out with a fireball.

The Package

The only extra features are two deleted scenes, which are
really deleted jokes. Pretty funny ones at that, and inexplicably in

The main video is in widescreen, however, and the audio is a thumping, powerful 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound mix. Ok, that’s a lie, but you’ll hear his nasally voice just fine.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10