Instead of just bumping the one article for the CHUD Podcast,
I’m going to give each installment their own so that we can build this
thing up a little better and keep it fresh. Of course fresh isn’t
exactly on the menu with these shows due to the meandering craziness of
them, but you get my drift.

#24 – To Sleep With Anger

This one’s just mean. I am a total jerk here, leaving no form of humanity treated nicely. Was I in a bad mood, was it oversensationalism, or am I just a big fucking prickface? You decide. That said, I think it’s a pretty fun podcast despite the attacks on all walks of life. Hey, anything for a laugh, right?

Since I’m back behind the editing console for these again (Thanks Micah for a handful of great ones) I’m going back to the FUCKAROUND sound effect of speaker usage. A few folks with hearing impairment said that it was hard for them to listen to but unless you’re listening through headphones there’s shouldn’t be much difficulty. I personally love it.

This episode guest stars Andrew Sweeney, who joins myself and Justin Waddell in discussions about celebrity perfumes, Michael Clayton, Halloween, and other assorted minutia. If you’ve never heard one of the Podcasts, this IS NOT the one to use as a starting point. If you’re a longtime listener, you should dig the shit out of it.




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