Say what you will about the Human Centipedes, at least writer / director Tom Six is attempting something new rather than trotting out more of the same. Besides, I’d rather watch a movie with hundreds of peoples’ mouths sewn to asses than have my brain sewn to an ass again. I have a mild fascination with old school exploitation, so I’ll cop to digging the films.

That said, it’s with some modicum of joy that I report, despite their past differences, actor Dieter Laser (star of the first film) is back on board. Six and Laser found themselves in a bit of legal wrangling last year, as Laser walked away due to creative differences and Six sued. But that’s all in the past now according to EW:

The producer has now confirmed to EW that the lawsuit has been dropped and Laser, who memorably portrayed a deranged surgeon in the first film, will play a lead role in the franchise’s third entry. Laser will not, however, play the same character he did in Human Centipede. According to the producer, Laser and Human Centipede 2 star Laurence R. Harvey are set to play a new, villainous duo “with a storyline no one will expect.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the actors are playing themselves, driven mad from appearing in these bug fuck movies. I’ve had a suspicion that Six is actually the main bad of this one, building off the metatextual approach in the previous film. And with a new centipede that is reported to be in excess of 300 human beings we can expect more ass-to-mouth madness from Dr. Heiter himself (or at least the dude who played him).