Lionsgate might be mimicking the Sin City key art with the lashing rain and red title, but, overall, that’s about all I need from a John Rambo: To Hell and Back poster. And since they’ve put the poster out there, I’m going to guess that Rambo is the final title. It’s for the best, really. I don’t necessarily agree with Stallone’s reasoning that John Rambo signifies an end to the franchise just because he did the same thing last year with Rocky Balboa, but why get fancy at this point? I love Sly, but, given his track record, he could’ve done worse: Second Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part III, Rambo IV: First Blood Part III, Rambo Goes Bananas… yeah, Rambo will do.

And if Rambo cracks $30 million for the January 25th three-day, you can bet the studios will start rolling out higher profile releases on the off weekend between the NFC/AFC Championship games and the Super Bowl. Or did they already do that with Big Momma’s House 2 this year? I’ll let someone else define what counts as "high profile" in January.