The-Blue-UmbrellaI happen to be tossing up this quick preview clip of the new short Pixar short film (set to appear in front of their impending Monster’s University) actually from a Disney hotel, with an inconceivable amount of Pixar merchandise just feet from where I sit. It feels appropriate enough.

In any event, this clip comes from the Wall Street Journal in their profile of the new short and its director, Saschka Unseld. The clip is Pixar’s first attempt at creating something photorealistic, and the results are already pretty impressive. According to Lasseter, the technology wasn’t even up to their standard until now…

“We had never at Pixar attempted to produce images that looked absolutely photorealistic. We try to simulate those things in computer animation, but the truth is, until just recently, we didn’t have the computational power or clever enough algorithms to actually do the more realistic kind of computations.”

It’s brief, but the clips conveys the conceit of a blue umbrella falling in love with a red umbrella easily enough. I’ll be excited to see this in full come June 21st.

via First Showing