Update: Hitfix’s Alan Sepinwall is reporting via Twitter that Aaron Paul jumped the gun. AMC will not confirm this date, and an official announcement is unlikely for some time. So take with a grain of salt for now.

breaking bad season fiveHank Schrader’s ├╝ber-revealing, seemingly never-ending shit will finally come to an end on Sunday, July 14. That’s the date AMC’s Breaking Bad — CHUD’s pick for the best show on TV — will begin airing the second half of its fifth and final season, according to Jesse himself, Aaron Paul. Only eight episodes remain, so, by my math, that means Sept. 1 will be the date we’ll all watch the last episode and then come running to the forums here to cry about how it’s over and attempt to console each other.

While we wait for the final batch of episodes to begin, here’s something to stew over. Back when AMC originally announced that Breaking Bad would conclude with a 16-episode final season split into two parts, most assumed series creator Vince Gilligan was getting to end his series on his own terms. Gilligan has said all along that he didn’t think the show could support more than four or five seasons anyway. However, on the night AMC announced that Glen Mazzara would be stepping down as the showrunner of The Walking Dead, writer/producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Last Resort) took to Twitter to trash the network. In his rants, he claimed that it was “common knowledge” that Gilligan wanted more time to wrap up the show but that AMC low-balled him down to the 16 episodes we’re getting. So, yeah … that pretty much sucks, huh?

Source: Aaron Paul’s Twitter feed, BITCH

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