Special thanks to B-Action Thread poster Tyler Foster for bringing this to my attention.

I’ve been pretty “Eh” on the Evil Dead remake thus far. The plot about the kids going to detox a friend of theirs at the cabin, and the demonic possession being mistaken for withdrawl is ludicrous even by my low standards of suspension of disbelief.

However, the first Red Band trailer back in October did look like a step in the right direction. Now we’ve got a new one, and it seems a bit of a step back. There are quite a few new shots from the previous one, but it doesn’t have the same sense of awe that that other one did. Then there’s some (hopefully intentional) silly effects, including one that looks like friggin’ FRUIT PUNCH is being vomited up, along with the fact that it appears to only be the “Cheryl” stand in who is doing the bulk of the Evil Dead shenanigans. I hope I’m wrong on that part, as part of the “interesting” factor of the original was one man against 4 people.

I will give it points for using an electric carving knife. Only other horror movies I’ve seen one used in is I Drink Your Blood, and the original Mother’s Day.

Here’s the trailer. Remember, it’s Red Band, so it’s NSFW.

May sound like I’m completely shitting on the remake, but visually it does look very impressive. Even if some of the shots in this new trailer are taken from the original. Then again, most solid remakes take bits of the original while doing their own take. This film appears to be doing that, and I hope I’m wrong in thinking it’s going to turn out terrible. We need another hard R rated horror film to be mass distributed to all multiplexes!