Carrie remake

The Carrie remake with Chloe Moretz in the title role of the girl with telekinetic powers and an insanely religious Mother was set for March 15th. Now, the studio has made the decision to push it WAY back to October, because they believe since it’s a horror movie, it will make more money then.

Funny as horror has been pretty profitable in the spring. The Dawn Of The Dead remake made a lot of bank back in March of 2004. Yet another remake, The Hills Have Eyes, also did good business in March of 2006. Even the Friday The 13th remake, which came out in February made $40 million during its opening weekend. Despite all of this, their new release date is set for October 18th. That is the week before the next snoozer entry of the Paranormal Activity franchise comes out, which will probably once again take money from silly teen girls who scream loudly at the smallest things happening onscreen.

I always give remakes the benefit of the doubt. I’m also usually fine with the end result, or thoroughly impressed. Such was the case with the above 2 remakes when they came out. Chloe Moretz being cast also meant that they wanted a solid actress to bring her take on poor little Carrie White. So lets hope that this decision to change the date to October (despite a spring release date probably working better for them. Prom is in May!) works out for them.

So what’s your take on this? Is it a good idea to push it back several months? Sound off in the comments or on the message board.

Source: Cinema Blend