2029143If you check out Netflix today, you’ll find that the House Of Cards landing page has been beefed up with some new spots. They’re not really TV spots or Online spots, since you have to be on Instant Watch to see them, but they’re there.

And while there are so many intriguing movies this year that I could barely contain them in a single piece, this series from David Fincher ranks higher than most of them on the list of media I want to see this year. This is Fincher’s baby, and he’s directed two episodes of it, but he’s joined by a few other producers with heavy pedigrees, namely Eric Roth (at his best when he’s political: Munich, The Good Shepherd, The Insider) and Beau Willimon (Ides Of March). Oh, and hey look! Joel Schumacher is directing two episodes as well!

I like all the trailers, but the shortest of them, “Pain” is my favorite. A series of moments, looks, and gestures play under a voice-over, but it never stops for an actual piece of dialogue. It’s a classy spot. All together the trailers demonstrate just how sharply Fincher-esque this whole thing is, and how shamelessly and salaciously it’s playing the soap opera drama of politics and sex.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 2.27.12 PM

In any event, check out the four new spots and take the day off on February 1st- the day the entire series will drop at once. As I’ve been musing on twitter today- I wonder what the big leaps in the insitification of media coming in 2013 will be like. Soon Arrested Development and a new David Fincher series will release all at once- how will twitter react? What will be the right length of time to wait before discussing the series finale, for example? Can you imagine if Breaking Bad had dropped the entire first leg of the fifth season on the same day? What the hell would that have been like?

We’re approaching that future, at least with some content. Brave new world…