To drum up interest in 30 Days Of Night, which opens at the end of the week, Sam Raimi took part in a press conference today to discuss the film and also to say  that, basically, that he’s not currently involved in the films you’d probably like him to be doing (Spider-Man 4, The Hobbit) and that he is involved, in a production capacity, on films that clog multiplex arteries, like The Grudge 3.

Spidey 4 is in the discussion phase right now, with Sony "currently meeting with new writers to come up with new and fresh ideas for the Spider-Man films," according to IESB. Raimi hasn’t been asked back; the over-under on that (based on previous grosses in the series and the number of other films you might prefer Raimi to make) is 350, so place bets now. Meanwhile, if Peter Jackson ends up producing but not directing the LOTR prequel, Raimi would be down with submitting his name as helmer.

You may now return to any fruitless pondering of a continued Evil Dead series.

(Though he mentioned that ain’t happening, either. Shocker.)