host2-thumb-630xauto-35311Alas, the “clip” posted on Thanksgiving of a pretty fun little scene from the sequel to the beloved (because it’s awesome!) Korean monster movie The Host, has turned out to be merely a proof of concept. That or it’s an audition for the effects company! Either way, the film has yet to actually start shooting and is only now entering active pre-production.

The sequel’s script is being handled by Yim Pil-sung –a director himself– who is responsible for the better parts of the wacko Korean anthology film Doomsday Book. He’s apparently just now handing off his script to unknown director Choi Yong-bae to get production rolling for a summer 2014 release.

To remind you, this sequel involves pretty much no one from the original film, though there is the promise of two monsters this time around. And even if it’s a few years old, the test footage of the creature from the new FX house looks promising, so the beast should be top notch at the very least. We’ll keep you up to date as more spills out.

Source | Twitch (via /Film)