After a long period of absolute lack of things to write about, September promised at least one bit of hope for this uninspired blogger: the premier of Tiempo Final, season 2.


So what is Tiempo Final?  Long story short, Fox set up camp in Bogotá, Colombia, and Fox Telecombia (a production house – studio) was born.  Tiempo Final was one of its first babies, an episodic thriller series about the moment when people make a really stupid decision that completely changes their lives.  With a mostly Colombian crew and cast, Tiempo Final marked a leap forward for Colombian television productions in terms of content and production quality.


Advertising for the second season premier began about a month ago.  On one of the clips, a man points a gun at the camera and says in really bad Spanish “Tiempo Final”.  The man looked an awful lot like the little grasshopper himself, Mr. David Carradine. 


So after doing some research I discovered that the man from the commercial was in fact David Carradine.  The story goes like this:  An American series called Mental, starring Chris Vance and Jaqueline McKenzie, is being shot at Fox Telecolombia.  The pilot won’t air until next year, and I don’t know how many episodes have been shot, but David Carradine guest starred in one of them.  So in short, Mr. Carradine came to Colombia for a job and he ended up getting two. 


And this is very important.  A Hollywood actor working on a Colombian production?  We must be doing things right.


Anyway, the season 2 premier was last week, on September 5.  Advertising that specifically announced that Carradine’s episode would be the season premier started airing about a week earlier.


So the fifth of September came.  And guess what?  No Carradine to be seen. 


I know what they’re doing.  They’re probably going to air Carradine’s episode at the end or later on in the season.  And I understand that it is a way to keep us lame creepy South American Carradine-Tarantino-Kung Fu fans glued to the tube waiting, and waiting, and wating…


But come on!  That’s just mean!  Tiempo Final is a great series, and it is very fun to watch, but if as an audience we’re promised Carradine for the first episode, that’s what we want.


Unfortunately that’s exactly what we didn’t get.  And although I understand Fox’s strategy, it sure as hell pisses me off.


Here’s one of the commercials for Tiempo Final starring David Carradine.

To be continued, when Carradine’s episode airs.  Until then: