Big fan of The Raid: Redemption. Got the soundtrack from iTunes, the Blu-ray is in my collection (as it should be in every action fan’s collection), and I got to see it in its all to brief theatrical run.

For those don’t know, Gareth Evans wanted to do Berandal first, but the film’s budget was too big, ┬áso he ended up doing The Raid instead since it would fit the budget well. Now that The Raid has made truckloads of cash, he’s being given the opportunity to do Berandal, and he’s slipped out some details on it, including when it takes place, and what the opening scene is.

Apparently the film is taking place TWO HOURS after The Raid on the building has happened, and thus far involves the 3 survivors: Rama, the injured Bowo, and the traitorous Wahyu who is zip tied. Along with a box of tapes, that we can only assume gives details on the many corrupt officials that Tama had dirt on, and a fishing shack.

Hopefully this film, which begins filming later this month, will be even more incredible than The Raid.

Source: Cinema Blend