ledger joker dark knight.jpgGuys, I know we disagree on Batman Begins. And nothing I’ve seen from The Dark Knight has really gotten me all that excited (in fact, knowing most of the story has made me a little less excited!). But I understand that for you this is a big movie. You’re psyched. So just think how psyched you’ll be when seven minutes from the film end up on IMAX screens in front of I Am Legend this December.

That’s the word coming back from a set visit to The Dark Knight in London*. Apparently a seven or eight minute, Joker-centric scene will spool before the main feature. A lot of speculation has it being the bank robbery scene where The Joker gets his trademark smile, which in this film is a scar.

Brazilian site Omelete has the scoop, and more The Dark Knight set visit deetz, but since you probably can’t read their language, head over to Collider for a translation.

*We weren’t invited to this, or to the Chicago set visit for the film. Unlike some sites, I did not call my PR reps and bitch, moan and cry. That’s the game – sometimes you get the invite, sometimes you don’t.