horror kids are getting all worked up over this French Inside picture (not this equally commendable, Made-In-America Inside picture), so I guess we’re all compelled to see it even though they lied about Hatchet*! Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, Inside is a allegedly a taut home invasion flick in which an awful lot of awfulness is visited upon an extremely pregnant woman. According to Harry Knowles, "[Inside] does for women what castration films do for men." That’s some kind of endorsement like Hank Quinlan was some kind of a man; regardless of artistic merit, I imagine it’ll be a favorite of erstwhile hip-hop star Akinyele.

Sight unseen, I’m going to assume that Bustillo and Maury must be magic behind the camera: I mean, why else would Harvey and Bob Weinstein hire them to remake Clive Barker’s Hellraiser? Their remake record is unblemished. I’m also not going to link to the Variety story shamelessly reporting this as news, since our pals at Bloody-Disgusting broke Bustillo and Maury signing to this picture back on October 3rd.

There are no plot details on Hellraiser Part New, nor is there a start date. Much as I… well, I don’t love any of the Hellraiser movies. Much as I once enjoyed with strong reservations the first Hellraiser movie, it’d be nice to see Bustillo and Maury move beyond the Pinhead gimmickry of the series and do something respectable with this franchise. We’ll see if that’s possible with Harvey and Bob looking over their shoulders.

*Though throwback slasher flicks are always cool when you discover them. I mean, there was a time when Luther the Geek was a must-see on Fangoria‘s recommendation alone.