’m pretty jazzed about this one.

Sidney Lumet has long been a favorite of mine ever since Prince of the City became a VideoDisc favorite of mine as a kid who had no business liking a long Treat Williams star vehicle. I should have been outside playing Nerf Football or dragging a burning bag full of shit across the street while cars drove by [I’ve done both, so don’t be alarmed]. Lumet’s a genius and sadly near the tail end of a legendary career.

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead has been getting excellent notices and will be the first Lumet film since Night Falls on Manhattan to get a nice bit of exposure upon release.

It also has the distinction of being executive produced by a peer of mine, Belle Avery, one of the producers of Grizzly Park, a film I co-produced being released sometime soon from American World Pictures. It’s as close as I’ll ever get to working with a guy I greatly admire so that’s pretty cool.

Folks in Atlanta, wanna see it early? Here’s how:

Using the link below and including your mailing address, answer the following questions:

1. Best Lumet film thus far?

2. Who’s your favorite current contributor?

3. Your favorite former contributor?

4. Who’s a current or up and coming filmmaker who is akin to Lumet in tone and style?