recently went gaga over this boxed set, and it’s a testimony to both the perseverence of good DVD manufacturers and the enduring quality of the show that audiences are getting a really amazing Angel: The Complete Series boxed set just in time for the holidays.

Oh, and the desire to make money. There is THAT.

If you aren’t aware, Angel was the darker [and better] spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that featured vampire/detective Angel (David Boreanz) moving to the West Coast and away from Buffy to pursue his own goals and to take the battle to the evil and awesome law firm of Wolfram & Hart.

The show lasted five seasons, some better than others but all watchable, and became beloved in no small part thanks to the fun work of James Marsters as Spike the comic relief vampire.

A really fun show, one that ONE lucky reader will have mailed to them if they win this contest. Here’s how:

Using the link below and INCLUDING YOUR MAILING ADDRESS, answer the following questions:

1. What is the DVD in your collection you are LEAST proud to own, one that would be fun to kick to the curb to make room for this amazing DVD set?

2. I hate most vampires in celluloid thanks mostly in part due to the stupid sexing up that happened courtesy of Anne Rice and her velvet wearing acolytes. Somehow this show worked for me. Why does Joss Whedon’s vampire mythos escape the hate? What made it special?

3. What’s your favorite caption from our reviews of Season One, Season Two, and Season Four?

4. Have you bought stuff from our Amazon Link? Can you consider it in the future?