Ridley Scott has made the single best gangster film of the 21st century with American Gangster*, but even more amazing than that, he’s managed to make a film where Cuba Gooding Jr is actually… good. Yes, Cuba’s in American Gangster playing Nicky Barnes, the Harlem drug kingpin who appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine as ‘Mr. Untouchable.’ Barnes is only in American Gangster briefly, but he’s a character who sticks with you.

Before you go see the fictional version of Nicky Barnes in American Gangster you can see the real version in Mr. Untouchable, a documentary opening October 26th in New York (check out the official site at http://www.mruntouchablemovie.com/
. From what I understand the real Nicky was very different from how he’s portrayed in Gangster, but his true story might be twice as riveting as the fiction.

Here’s an exclusive clip from the documentary to whet your appetite:

*Sorry, Marty.