in August brought you the news that the Frank Herbert estate believed they were close to launching a new Dune film. The details were scarce, and we didn’t even know what studio or what filmmaker really wanted the rights to the book. Now Aint It Cool has a scooper who thinks they know the answer.

According to the source, the studio is Paramount and the director is Peter Berg. That’s about all the info there is, but it’s intriguing. Berg has shown himself to be interested in trying on different genres, and has proven himself to have a fierce style. He certainly isn’t the first guy I would have thought about when guessing names attached to a new version of Dune – hell, he wouldn’t have been the hundredth guy – but that’s what makes him an interesting choice for the project.

Hopefully more information will begin to trickle out about this. And by the way, I trust this info, since it comes from the scooper who gave AICN the ‘Ratner taking over Escape From New York‘ rumor, which our own sources have independently verified.