I had to stop and take a few breaths before writing this article, because every paragraph I read in the source story just screamed wrong, wrong, WRONG. Where’s that Kevin Spacey .gif?

The basics: as we’ve reported before, Bill Pullman is playing a sorta, kinda version of Philip K Dick in the unauthorized biopic Your Name Here. He’s the author William J. Frick, suffering from delusions, fantasies and nightmares about his work, sex life and place in the universe.

One of the reasons his sex life is causing him problems is that he wants to nail Taryn Manning. I know, it’s a problem some men face, but now there are solutions. The Avid 6800 can edit all instances of Taryn Manning right out of your movie, thereby preventing any possible Manning insurrections into audience fantasies. Maybe Frick shoulda been an editor.

Manning talked to MTV recently and spilled some of her interaction with Pullmanfrick. She’s playing an alternate version of Victoria Principal for which she’s really a robot named Nikki (obvious transposition or Cronenberg nod? You decide.) and Frick is obsessed with her after seeing the movie Earthquake and, oh, fucking hell I really don’t get all this shit.

V.A.L.I.S., that I get. ‘The Empire Never Ended’ and beams of consciousness from space and a hot chick delivering drugs that end up showing you vestiges of the Roman Empire, all that is a-OK cool with me. This Victoria Principal robot gag is space herpes.

Just go to MTV and read the whole story.

Your Name Here was originally planned as a Toronto ’07 submission, but now they’re angling for Sundance ’08. Manning says she thinks it’ll be a ‘cult movie’, which is another way of saying what we’re all thinking already.