You’re not the only one disappointed that the primary way to
check the Grindhouse trailers is to watch them on the web. Eli Roth is probably
feeling the sting, too, given that Thanksgiving was the best thing he’s ever
made. That’s likely part of the reason he’s going ahead with Trailer Trash,
which will hit on August 22, 2008 from MGM, as he told Bloody Disgusting in an

"Trailer Trash is not a horror film, it’s a comedy. It
will be very R-rated and completely insane
," Roth says. That sound good? Then
how about this: "The best part is I get to shoot some new THANKSGIVING scenes,
as well as other holiday slasher films I’ve always dreamed of making but never
would because they’d completely ruin me.

There’s a part of me that wants to take Roth aside and
reveal that the whole Grindhouse trailer thing was really just kind of a joke,
a blip on the radar, a one-time thing. A feature length collection of trailers can
just be tiring – I can only watch about half of any given 42nd St
disc before I have to lie down and wrap a towel around my head to keep
the vapors out.

But since Thanksgiving generated what might be the best,
or at least the most uniform response to anything in Roth’s career, I can see
why this seems like a good idea. And it might be; with the financial loss of
Hostel 2 still close in memory, leveraging the great reception to Thanksgiving
probably seems like the best way to have a good time making movies and earn
back a little credit. Roth says he wants to emulate Monty Python and the Holy
– not the biggest moneymaker of all time, and more of a snore to sit
through in the latter half than most people will admit – but I’ll settle for
hilarious and nasty. Bring it in under 90 minutes and I’ll be happy to associate trailer trash with more than just my meth dealer and venison supply.

Check Bloody Disgusting for a few more details.